Dog Adoption

Tips for adopting a dog

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Whoever first said that dogs are man's best friend knew what they were talking about. A dog quickly becomes a part of the family and is a wonderful companion. But humans don't always return the favor. Dogs are sometimes abused, neglected and abandoned, and without intervention, will lead miserable lives and face premature deaths. Adopting a dog is the answer. If you have room in your home and in your heart, why not adopt a dog from a dog adoption agency or a dog shelter?

Services Provided by Dog Adoption Agencies

Dog adoption agencies are professionally run organizations that screen dogs and those who wish to adopt them. Staff will try to ensure that the dog will be a good fit for the potential owner. Dogs that are adopted through centers are medically examined, dewormed, well cared for, neutered and ready to love. Adoptions usually require a fee and an application process along with an agreement concerning the dog's new living conditions, feeding and required care.

Adoption agencies do their best to ensure that your dog is a good one. At times, the agency may acquire a dog that has become physically and emotionally scarred in a past abusive situation. Dogs that have endured this type of environment can recover, but might later show distaste for certain people who resemble a former abuser. They may also develop unreasonable fear or a host of physical ailments associated with neglect or violence. Talk to the center's workers or veterinarian to find out where the dog came from and what to expect after the adoption.

Dog adoption agencies will make sure you're taking the dog into a good home. You will be asked to present identification and sign legal documents that reflect the care the agency expects you to give your new pet.

Find a Local Dog Adoption Center

Dog adoption agencies come in all shapes and sizes, depending on funding sources and community support. To find an adoption center, check the dog classifieds or with a local veterinarian.

If you can't afford the fee, inquire about an agency that provides free dog adoption services. There are some great pets that have come through dog adoption agencies, but you'll have to do your homework to make sure your dog is a good match for you and your family.