Cat Health Problems

Tips for dealing with major cat health issues

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While many common cat health problems like hairballs, worms, fleas and urinary tract infections are relatively minor and highly treatable, you should always be aware of the more serious conditions that could potentially affect your pet. Overweight cats, cats with lower activity levels and aging felines are all at an elevated risk for some of the more serious cat health problems, including feline diabetes and feline kidney disease.

Early detection and treatment are the keys to extending your cat's life and improving its prognosis if it contracts a more serious condition. You should make sure to keep current with all vaccinations and vet checkups and be aware of the causes, signs and symptoms of major cat health problems.

Infectious Diseases that Affect Cats

Though vaccinations and boosters can protect your pet from a wide range of common cat health problems, there are still many infectious conditions that can affect your furry friend. Feline infectious peritonitis is caused by a mutated form of the corona virus, and pets living in multi-cat environments are thought to be at greater risk. While some cats with the virus remain asymptomatic for extended periods of time, others develop symptoms ranging from sneezing and watery eyes to diarrhea and rapid weight loss. Though most affected felines go on to make a full recovery, the condition can be lethal. If your cat develops symptoms, monitor its health closely in the days and weeks that follow.

Feline AIDS, also known as the feline immunodeficiency virus, is transmitted from cat to cat through saliva. If your cat gets in cat fights, even friendly fights and tussling matches with other pets, it is at greatly elevated risk. Symptoms do not usually appear until the infected cat contracts another illness, usually an upper respiratory tract infection. As there is no cure and no vaccine, all cats should be tested to see if they carry the feline AIDS virus.

Feline leukemia is also caused by a viral infection, though you can vaccinate your cat against this. As the vaccine is only effective when delivered prior to virus exposure, it's essential to be proactive about preventing this potentially deadly condition. Cats with feline leukemia have greatly diminished life expectancies.

Cats can also be affected by a long list of other parasitic, bacterial and viral infections, including Lyme disease, ticks, abscesses, cat flu and more. To determine your cat's risk for these conditions, talk to your veterinarian.

Chronic Feline Health Conditions

Conjunctivitis can affect cats of any age. This condition is an inflammation of the eye membranes that results in redness, swelling, watering and crusting-over of the affected eye(s). While it often flares up and cools off on its own, you should alert your vet the first time you notice conjunctivitis symptoms.

Though it's usually confined to lists of elderly cat health problems, feline kidney disease is a very real threat to any cat that's been fed exclusively on dry food for the duration of its adult life. Increased thirst is the most common initial symptom that your cat may have kidney problems, so take this symptom very seriously as soon as you spot it.

Cats are also prone to stress, gingivitis, ear mites, the flu and many other conditions. If you notice any changes in your cat's behavior, appearance or energy levels, you should suspect a possible illness and seek medical attention for your pet as soon as possible.

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Posted by Tina on May 10,2014 at 08:12 PM
We have a 5 month old cat. We are thinking that she got into something, 2 nights ago she was having a problem breathing and we caked the vet and they had us bring her in, hay throat was almost swollen shut, they gave her benadryl and steroids, later that night she was fine, then slowly over the next day or 2 she wasn't eating much and being very sleepy and lazy, just sleeping, this is a month old healthy and very energetic cat. Now she had been throwing up and having bloody stools. Any suggestions. We called the vet back tonight and they are having us take her in to be seen in the morning. Any ideas what might be going on? We changed cat food last weekend but that wad a week ago. I did switch her back, but she won't eat.
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Posted by Becca on October 28,2013 at 10:07 PM
I have a cat who is probably about 7 months. Recently, he has started to sneeze and cough a lot, one of his eyes is really red and has discharge coming out and when he sneezes, blood sprays out of his nose. Is this serious or a common cold??
Posted by Julie on November 24,2013 at 03:49 PM
Cat flu probably, has she been immunised ?? could if not already be deadly if you haven't taken her to the vet.
Posted by Jessica on February 02,2013 at 12:51 PM
My 6 year old cats is losing his teeth, his lips are swollen and his tounge is hanging out!! He is losing hair and weight! What is wrong with him I don't have money for the vet
Posted by Julie on November 24,2013 at 03:51 PM
No money for vets ?? then why do you have pets :( animals should not have to suffer, they feel pain just like we do.
Posted by Leah on February 08,2013 at 05:10 AM
Your cat needs URGENT medical care (if it's not already too late). There is absolutely nothing you can do at home or that can be diagnosed over the Internet that is going to resolve your poor cats problem. If you can't afford a vet visit and nobody is willing to help financially (credit card, care credit etc) then you need to consider surrendering your cat to a shelter. I am not trying to be mean but your cat is obviously in serious pain and suffering and if you aren't able to get medical care then letting them just suffer, hoping it will just resolve itself is incredibly cruel and in humane.
Posted by Pat on November 12,2012 at 02:12 PM
We gave our 6 month old short hair cat a bath today. A couple of hours later we noticed that her right eye was nasty and swollen shut. I gently cleaned the eye and it opens freely, however, she favors the eye now. She has been tested for the leukemia and aids and all were negative. So, I am assuming this is a sensitivity to the bath. Is there anything I can do to help her or do I let her body heal the eye?
Posted by Suzanne M on February 29,2012 at 10:52 AM
I feel like cat health is really related to what’s in their food. I had so many cats with health problems in college when I was feeding them grocery store brands that I didn’t realize had so many bad things inside. I switched to a natural brand (Natural Balance) with high-quality ingredients and my cats are so healthy now – I feel bad for every giving any of my animals anything less than the best stuff out there. It’s just like with people – you are what you eat. My one cat used to get UTI all the time then stopped getting them when I switched. Turns out the Natural Balance cat food has cranberries in it – so there you go.
Posted by Magda on January 16,2012 at 05:46 PM
God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to fgirue this out.
Posted by jamie on December 27,2011 at 06:53 AM
Have a 6month old kitten which was devoted a week ago. The next day he was lethargic and has been ever since. He also started sneezing alot which continues.He is now sneezing blood and his fur feels damp. Does not have goopy eyes but is real wet around his mouth. He still purrs when being loved on and does eat and drink a little. What's wrong with him. I don't have the money for a vet. Please help.
Posted by Toni on May 14,2011 at 07:02 PM
I have a 2.5 yr old cat i rescued from the local shelter here in Winnipeg.She came to the shelter with a litter and wild. She was spayed as soon as the kittens were gone.My problem with her is her BM's.They have such a bad oder it is awful.She was dewormed when i got her.I have tried 4 diffrent foods and its all the same.At times her breath has a foul oder as well. I live in an apt so i need to find a solution to this.
Posted by Caroline on October 17,2011 at 08:30 AM
Try feeding her blue whale dry food. You can get this from Pets Mart, or Iams digestive care dry food. My cat Belle had the same problem and this has lessened the smell from both ends. also I quit feeding my cats wet food. That was a portion of the problem to begin with. With the dry food it also keeps the plaque off their teeth. If this doesn't work, you may have to take her to the vet to see if there is an underlying issue. Good luck and I hope this has helped you out.
Posted by amber on January 19,2011 at 11:37 PM
20 year old baby kitty with asthma & diabetes RASIA had earmites i saw eardrops for roomates kittys on counter i was so excited i didnt think to read i put a few drops in & the next few days as she DIDNT EAT OR DRINK A THING i just cried and tried force feeding her tuna and mashed taters and water and electrolites nothing is working i dont have a PENNY and shes alll i ave left someone help me please,thank you
Posted by karen on January 17,2011 at 12:37 AM
I have a 15 year old female cat that as of last night can not stand on her back legs. Before this she didn't have a problem with her legs and was a very active cat. Now all she does is lays on the floor or tries to pull herself up? Can someone tell me what might be wrong with her. We are heartbroken.
Posted by Alice on November 07,2010 at 09:12 PM
I have an 18 month old female, spayed and all shots. I checked under her tail today (her brother, not in this household has worms) and saw liquid and a little feces come out. I cleaned it and so did she but later I noticed a couple of little brown specs, like feces, there again. What does this mean? Is this something to be concerned about? She eats and drinks good and is a great cat.
Posted by Rob on November 06,2010 at 05:25 AM
Think my cat has a broken leg. She was thrown into a bathroom without my knowledge while moving. Afterwards, I noticed her limping and a small amount of blood on a piece of cardboard. I checked her, painfully since she wouldnt let me see her back leg, and found a small cut near her knee area. It seems to be healing, but she's limping and not using that leg at all. She sits on and moves it around normally while bathing, but bears no weight on it at all. She's less than 1 year old, thinking around 7 months. She hurt the same back leg around 3 weeks ago, we think from attempting a jump from atop the fridge, we only saw the aftermath. But it seems after 2 days or so she was back to normal from that experience. With vet money being extremely scarce, are there any suggestions that could help?
Posted by Julie on November 24,2013 at 03:42 PM
Get the mongrel who threw her to pay he bills. Why hasn't she been taken to the vets ? If you cant afford it then you shouldn`t have a pet.
Posted by shayna on October 14,2010 at 11:56 PM
hello my name is shayna and my cat has werid marks just up from her tail on her back. they look to b e as if there scraps. there orangeish redish in colour. some are scabs the rise on her back and some are flat. she has had them for 3-4 days now. she has dry skin on her back ( i think from the tempature change but im not sure) shes an indoor cat. and she doesnt not have fleas. its gotten worse. they have gone from a inch from her tail on her back to about 2 1/2 inches up her back from her tail. she will claw and bit at you if you touch them. i had to fight with her to be able to look at them. any suggestions?? i would like a vet to answer this question if possible and by e-mail. please give a reply. i dont know whats wrong with her
Posted by Amelie on October 11,2010 at 08:17 PM
Saved cat from outside, she is dehydraded and as red spots in eyes? Can anyone tell me what the red spots mean and what to do to save this poor cat? Will be bring to vet tomorrow but worried for know?
Posted by wintergirl on September 01,2010 at 03:34 PM
I have a 3 year old cat (Stevie). I just came home from a 5 day vacation to find that she put on weight(in her belly), seems tried, and I have not seen her eat just drink water. I am on a very fixed income and I am concerned but can't afford to take her to the vet. Are there any home remedies that I can start with? Please help!!!
Posted by susan on December 16,2010 at 07:17 PM
My cat has similar prob and I am on fixed income also.Smidgey is 13 yrs old. thanks
Posted by Alaena on February 06,2012 at 09:29 PM
My Kitty is 14 we are going to the Vet friday for a VERY similar problem, He is eating and drinking, but urinates ALOT, he has a VERY LARGE FIRM BELLY and it hasn't always been this way.... I don't have much money but worked out a deal to borrow from family to take him in, I will let you know what I find out..... Friday.
Posted by brenda on August 16,2010 at 09:34 PM
have 2 6week old kittens one is a miniture(male) other is a tabby (female) second litter to mom who is a miniature she is still nursing periodically but noticed yesterday and today blood in their stool they have been on solid food and treats this worries me please advise
Posted by ELLEN on August 09,2010 at 07:26 AM
My 10 year old cat has these dark areas around her mouth and under her nose . when the liquid comes out it looks like a pinkish color and then turns dark. I took her to the vet and they told me she just has flea allergies .. I ve had many cats in my life and I have never seen this before .. doe anybody know what it could be or a website i can go to for information? Thanks!
Posted by Nic Butler on July 18,2010 at 05:19 PM
I have a 6 month old kitten who has tape worms. I gave him Trade Winds brand praziquantel. I gave him 3/4 of a tab because he is on the boarder of the 5 lb cutoff for a whole tab. Since dosing him 3 days ago he has been extreamly lethargic and just not himself. He is an indoor cat. He is not eating or drinking much and about the only time he gets up is to use the bathroom. His stools appear normal and he is urinating normally. One eye is watery and his nictitating membrane is half exposed in that eye. He is also gagging but nothing is coming up. I know that some lethargy is normal after deworming due to the worm and all the toxins inside the worm are dissolved I just dont know if its supposed to go on this long. Someone PLEASE HELP me. I don't have the money to take my cat to the vet. I feel so bad for him I love my cat very much and feel like I'm responsible for his suffering.
Posted by WAYNE on July 06,2010 at 07:47 PM
Our cat, Cleo, is an eight year old spayed female. She has a discharge from her right eye that comes and goes. This time the pupil in her problem eye is 1/2 the size of her other eye. Has the discharge from the eye caused this and is there anthing I can do for her at home? Other then this problem she is a healthy cat. in fact she is an active cat and is a serial killer when it comes to field mice. Thanks for any info. you can give us.
Posted by Beth on June 23,2010 at 09:46 PM
I have a 4 year old cat and she just started having seizures. She is on a very low dose of medicine for the seizures and hasn't had one in a month! But she will not eat.....I've tried switching dry foods... fancy feast...the whole nine yards. She's lost a 1/2 pound since the last visit a month ago...what should I do?
Posted by kimcollins on June 10,2010 at 01:17 PM
i have a 1 year male cat who seems to be bleeding from his sack it looks like s sratch what should i do
Posted by linda on June 01,2010 at 04:44 PM
My 14 year old Manx has a hard time pooping and when she does they are hard and small.We tried giving her pumpkin and metamucille she will not eat her food if any thing is in it. She has sot fooed twice a day and hard food left out. Is there any thing else I could try.
Posted by Anna on May 26,2010 at 09:36 AM
my cat is 18 years old but I have noticed that he is getting knots on his belly and chest . Can you tell me if I should be concerned?
Posted by Diana on July 07,2010 at 07:49 PM
I had a cat that lived to be 21 years old. I noticed she had the same thing. I believe it is that they just stop grooming themselves as they did when younger. I hope this helps. Its all a part of the aging process.
Posted by Samantha on May 20,2010 at 02:35 PM
My cat is 18 years old and i have had him since i was 5 years old. And he sleeps with me everynight on my pillow so as usual i would get up in the morning with him still laying on my pillow i noticed that my pillow and my hair was all wet and smelt like cat urine so i was wondering is it his time or could it be a serious problem.
Posted by CHRIS on April 24,2010 at 06:45 PM
Posted by lori on April 12,2010 at 10:42 PM
i adopted a 2yr old female, she has feline herpes, it seems bijou has trouble breathing a knot in her throat and dark green flem from her left nostril.what can ido to help comfort her there is no cure and she has been treated by a vet at her last residence i feel she suffers with the cat flu
Posted by Janel S on June 06,2010 at 09:42 PM
my cat has had feline herpes her entire life. Please go back to the vet. They need continued meds until it clears up. Do not delay please. Your cat can live a very happy and healthy life if you just keep the disease in check. My cat is now 8 and has not had any problems in years. My vet gave me eye drops and an antibiotic which is what they give for this. They can get very dehydrated so call you vet and take care of your baby.
Posted by Donna Greer on March 29,2010 at 01:28 PM
I have a 21 year old cat who is very talkative, but today will not stop from 6:00 this morning to currently. I let him out, gave him fresh food and water. He does have a little arthritis on his back behind, but manages to get along fine. I do have two other cats and they all eat out of the same dishes and go in the same liyyer box.. I was just reading above this that my cat can catch corona virus. I have noticed some weight loss and sneezing and diahrea. I don't think he has diahrea, but can't rule it out. I know that he is getting along in age. He is a big boy cat. Big boned, not fat.. What is your opinion on this.. Thanks, Donna
Posted by Roni on March 23,2010 at 10:58 PM
My cat is vomiting greenish bile as if she is attempting to get a a hairball up. This has been occurring periodically through last night & today. She has not eaten and I gave her a hairball remedy. I had to be forceful. She has had a bowel movement in the litter box. Please direct!
Posted by cameo on March 20,2010 at 05:02 PM
what can I do about my cat who is sneezing, runny eyes and warm nose, we cant take her to the vet right now, and dont want to give her anything that will hurt her
Posted by Sarah on March 10,2010 at 08:09 PM
My cat has a huge sore on her side that seems to be sitting on the top layer of skin. It is swelling, red, and bleeding. Is there anything I can do from home to help her or should I take her in to see a vet.
Posted by Wendy on March 01,2010 at 11:35 PM
I have a 4 yr old male cat he was fine yesterday now he's not eating, drinking or urinenating it's like little thing is sore what do I do. The cat is my son's I don't want to lose him. He's the sweetest cat
Posted by dawn olsen on May 23,2010 at 06:45 AM
my cat was fine two morning ago. came find vomit look like haiball gave hairball med. now not eating throwing up . not drinking water . passing alot of gas. just laying far away and will not come near me . licking his privates alot . making a loud noise i think gas. stomach rises before hand . worry he ate poisonous lizard live in central coast florida
Posted by Linda on April 03,2010 at 09:52 PM
OMG this happened to my cat. Your poor kitty could be blocked with a urinary stone. This is extremely dangerous. I hope you called a VET and got him there right away. This problem comes from him having too high a ph balance. Some cat foods cause this. After taking him to the VET who had to unblock him or he would have died, I changed his food, made sure he drank lots of water every day and after that he got much better. He is 11 now and hasn't had a problem since he was 4. Cats can suffer terriby with this problem so please get him to a VET to be checked out and let me know how you made out, please..
Posted by Robin Thomas on February 28,2010 at 12:06 PM
My cat is 12yrs, she is Hymalayn / Pur, has never been sick. I put some advantage flea med on about a week ago and since then she has been very slugish , sleeping all the time. she has been eating and drinking until this morning she only ate half her food. she is wobbly in the hind end. she is not vomiting or has the runs. could the advantage done something to her. Please help. thanks
Posted by Jeanne on February 26,2010 at 03:14 PM
have a sick 3 yr old male cat, lossing weight, not eating to good ,going on for 5 weeks,,the cat is a domestic short hair.
Posted by Joe Tester on February 10,2010 at 01:25 PM
My cat is healthy and happy.
Posted by JoAnn on January 08,2010 at 04:52 PM
I would like to get another pet cat. I have one who is a little over a year and very spoiled will there be any problems do you think . Sam is a spayed female what should I get a male or female kitten or do I get one closer to her age?
Posted by Pamela on March 26,2010 at 01:08 PM
I have 5 cats. 3 males and 2 females between the ages of 2 yrs and 20 yrs. when I brought in the oldest cat I thought he would go nuts being around the other cats but they all seem to get along fine. They will hiss and growl for about a week or so because there is a new cat in the house but after they get used to each other they will become friends.
Posted by Melissa on January 01,2010 at 09:15 PM
I am having an emergency with my 16 year old cat. Yesterday, after being her normal self all day, she suddenly started screaming, and was unable to walk. When we tried to pick her up, she would into a tight ball, meow loudly, and became very stiff. For about 8 hours, she tried and tried to walk, was improving slowly, but was unable to stand on all four legs normally at around 3am. She was also breathing very heavily and at one point her little tongue was hanging out. Due to her age, my family and I thought she may be having a stroke, said our goodbyes, and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. The screaming was the worst as we knew she was in pain but couldn't help her. When we woke up this morning, we expected to find her dead, but she was back to normal!!!! It was a miracle!!! As the day has progressed, although she seems a little weak, she is eating and walking about as normal. We are wondering what happened, and if this could happen again. Any insight would be much appreciated!
Posted by Juliet on December 07,2009 at 05:39 PM
I have a 8 month old female cat, she cries like a baby sometimes she lay on her stomach pull her self on the floor and cried, i think she need to be spayed, but I cannot afford to get it done at this time. i heard that there are free clinics, please let me know
Posted by Linda on April 03,2010 at 09:54 PM
It's not a belly ache, she is in heat. Yes, she does need to be spayed. There are lots of free clinics. Where do you live?
Posted by linda on January 29,2010 at 03:31 PM
what are you feeding her? something she has ingested is giving her a terrible stomach ache.
Posted by Colleen on November 18,2009 at 01:40 PM
I have a year and a half spayed female long hairded domestic cat. She has a swollen lower lip and chin area{red}. She has been on antibiotics as well as anti inflammatories. It takes it away however it comes back. The sides of her mouth are also irritated and red. Our vet recommended a biopsy. Does any one else have any other ideas? Thanks. Colleen.
Posted by susan ruger on November 10,2009 at 01:20 AM
I have a male cat with itching sores & scabs all over his body.he is an indoor cat & he is 2 years old.My other female cat goes in & outside but does not ave these sores.
Posted by Guy on August 24,2011 at 11:51 PM
Likewise, many persistent scabs around neck (25yo). Many fleas this Summer but . . .
Posted by Jenn Beaman on January 24,2011 at 09:56 PM
I have the same problem right now with my eight yr old male cat. Have you found out what it is? Do you think i should got to the vet?
Posted by rose on November 05,2009 at 09:16 PM
My cat's face is swollen on one side and a sore has developed in his ear that is bleeding abd looks infected. What should I do? HELP!
Posted by jo on October 29,2009 at 09:16 AM
my two cats are itching, loosing fur. what can I do to help them, they are 13 yrs. old.
Posted by melissa on November 20,2009 at 09:41 AM
Hi I just wanted let you kno my dog and cat had that and mom took to vet and found out it was allergies so vet gave allergy medicen for it just to let you know.
Posted by Nikki on October 17,2009 at 11:18 PM
My 7 year old cat has been vomiting all over the house.......and he always eats the same food so that has been ruled out....but we hear that cats can have the Flu or diabetes or even Feline AIDS I was just wondering does vomiting, unusual aggresiveness, unquenchable thirst, and lethargy sound like symptoms of any of the above??
Posted by Anne on October 08,2009 at 07:54 AM
we have a 5 year old male cat. he is scratching his ears so bad they are bleeding. I feel it may be mites. Is there anything I can buy to help him. No money for a vet.
Posted by Nikki on October 17,2009 at 11:11 PM
There is a product at Walmart that is Specifically for Ear mites....and its fairly more than $5. I just wish I found this out BEFORE i took him to the Vet :) it costs like $60 + for the vet visit and Medication. Hope this helps :) Take care Nikki.
Posted by Linda on October 03,2009 at 12:14 AM
My 15yr old indoor cat,who is usually quiet and shy {I have 2 other cats 14 and 8 who are very outgoing) has started to talk out loud to herself at all hours,quite often running around herself chasing her tail.She is not chewing her tail,just trying to catch it and maybe lick it ,I am keeping an eye on her weight as she is a light weight. I am concerned as the behaviour is quiite a sudden change. Any ideas?
Posted by dawn on October 02,2009 at 01:41 AM
I have a 2 1/2 year old male cat. He has been crying alot when he urinates and has had a small amount of blood mixed with it. somone recommended giving him cranberry juice, just like us humans drink, will that help? I am open to suggestions.
Posted by pamela on March 26,2010 at 01:21 PM
Also we had to change his diet so the crystals wouldn't come back. And so far he has been doing well. For a 2KG bag of MEDI - CAL cat foor it costs about $22 at the vet For a 250g of MEDI - TREATS it costs about $13. You can only purchase this food at a veterinarian clinic if you cat needsd a special diet.
Posted by pamela on March 26,2010 at 01:14 PM
Your kitty could have crystals in his bladder. My cat had that problem with the crying when he urinated and it costs us about $600 to take him to the vet and get him well again. We have had him for 20 yrs so the money was worth it.
Posted by billie on January 06,2010 at 09:08 AM
I had the same problem with my male cat who was 2,we had to take him to the vet and to my sadness he had to be put down.his bladder was shutting down and could not be fixed. the vet said it was because I had fed him purina cat food.,please if he is still alive get him help and change his food. never feed him purina
Posted by Sarah on March 10,2010 at 08:18 PM
I had the same problem with my 3 year old male cat and just like billie I had to put him down. Get your cat to a vet asap, if this problem goes on for to long it will be to late and your poor cat will have the same fate as ours did. I was told by my vet that it was caused by one of two things. Changing his food to often. Different prands. Or in some cases it was handed down from your kitties mommy or daddy. I wish you the best.
Posted by Karen on September 24,2009 at 07:45 PM
Hi, I have a 7 year old female calico who recently developed oily mats of hair along her back side. Can anyone tell me what these are as they are very hard to comb/brush out without causing her stress so we end up cutting them off and this looks terrible. Anyone else out there who knows what this is and/or what causes it. She is strictly indoors, spayed and eats a primarily soft food diet with dry food snacks. Thanks.
Posted by stacy on September 10,2009 at 06:08 PM
i have a male cat that is about 5yrs. old, recently he has stoped eating and is loosing alot of weight, i've tried giving him differant food, i've even tried can cat food, thinking maybe he was having trouble eating the hard food, but he still isn't eating, some one told me to try a can of tuna to see if that would get him to try to eat, but all he did was drink the liquid and leave the tuna. i don't want him to die, he's like one of the family, what can i do? PLEASE HELP, thanks stacy
Posted by Rusty on August 26,2009 at 01:05 PM
My 12-year old 16-lb short hair tabby cat has started limping from her back left leg. It seems it started after she jumped off our 4-foot high bed which she usually umps on and lays on when were at work. She has always been a indoor cat so we know it has to be contributed to that. The vet looked at her but no x-ray and could not identify anything wrong. He said to put cosequin in her food since she may be having joint issues due to her age and weight. That was 4-weeks ago and she still is limping slightly from the same leg. He said to take her off dry food and put her on wet food since that is more nutrious. So we started doing that 4-weeks ago. Any other suggestions? Should we take her in to have X-rays, MRI??
Posted by Cathy on August 25,2009 at 12:31 PM
My kitten is about 21/2 months old, sometimes he will go in his litter box other times he just goes like that he does not have a box. He goes any where on my floor. Is there anything I need to do?
Posted by rebecca on August 08,2009 at 11:50 PM
yesterday i got my dog and cat flea meds mixed up and gave the dog stuff to the two cats now they are twitching i dont have any money to take them in to the vet what can i do to help them please help asap are my cats going to die thanks rebecca
Posted by jennifer on August 02,2009 at 12:34 PM
i just got a small cat and it sounds like she is whezing and she choks on it what can i do to help her cought up all the stuff she has stuck in her lunges
Posted by jeanette on August 02,2009 at 09:06 AM
my daughters 9 year old male cat is bleeding from his pee pee. why is that?
Posted by Deidre on July 18,2009 at 11:19 PM
We went on vacation on on the 3rd . Leaving our cats with some friends. While we were gone we bombed the house for roaches. We got back on the 12th. We brought our own food to their house for them. My one young cat has lost weight and keeps vomiting. I've washed everything and mopped the kitchen floor. I'm wondering what can I do to help her? Have I missed something?
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