Bird Toys

Ideas for fun bird toys

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Birds are naturally playful and intelligent animals, so when you keep one as a pet, it will require bird toys for mental stimulation and exercise. Pet bird toys are also helpful in curbing undesirable behaviors such as biting, screaming and feather picking. This will help your bird spend its excess energy and stay happier in the long run. Toys for your bird can also help maintain proper beak and nail lengths.

Characteristics of the Best Bird Toys

Since there is a wide variety of bird toys available on the market, it is important to select products that are well-suited for your bird's type and size. For example, parrots love to chew; thus, specially designed parrot bird toys are made with this in mind. Toys which are too small or fragile may easily be broken by a large bird, and big bird toys can frighten smaller birds and even pose a danger of entrapment. Most bird toy retailers, including those selling discount bird toys, categorize their products as being appropriate for small, medium or large birds. Make sure that the toys you purchase are labeled as being free from lead and zinc, since these metals can be highly toxic to your pet.

Toys that make your bird work for a result or a reward are good both for mental and physical exercise. A bird ladder provides excellent physical stimulation, and bird swings and bird perches help your bird learn proper balance while doubling as good chew toys. Many birds love bells and beads on their toys; watch your bird interact with its toys to see what it finds especially appealing. To keep your bird interested in its selection of toys, be sure to rotate them; if you leave all its toys out all the time, your bird will eventually get bored with the lot of them, no matter how many toys it has.

Homemade Bird Toys

Many wonderful bird toys are available both in pet shops and through online retailers, but buying toys for your bird can quickly become expensive, particularly if it chews a lot or destroys its toys quickly. Homemade bird toys can be economical and still provide your bird with hours of entertainment and stimulation. Cardboard rolls, wooden spools, poker chips and Popsicle sticks are just a few household items that can be used to make toys for your bird. Some sellers of wholesale bird toys will often sell the parts and supplies for making bird toys, like blocks, beads and chain lengths, so you can create your own customized toys at home.