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Your supply of essential bird products should include a cage litter and liners, perches, toys and treats. Optional pet bird products you may choose to add if your budget allows include play sets, travel accessories and cage lighting units.

Before you buy any bird products, you should make sure they're suitable for the species of bird you own. Bird toys, for example, are often designated for use by small-, medium- and large-sized birds, and hazards can arise when a bird plays with toys that are too big or too little.

Pet Bird Products Every Avian Enthusiast Should Have

Cage litter and liners help keep your pet's home tidy as can be between cleanings, and perches are practical bird products that help your pet build and maintain its strength and balance. Because birds are relatively intelligent animals, a good selection of bird toys helps keep them occupied and entertained while providing an outlet for their energy and curiosity. Bird treats are a must-have if you want to train your bird to do tricks or mimic human voices; pet birds respond well to training strategies that reward correct behavior.

White Feather is one of the most trusted manufacturers of bird products in the United States. The company specializes in fortified bird seed for a full range of pet bird species as well as creative, unique bird toys. White Feather bird products undergo intensive testing before they're released to the market, and the company helps consumers save money by offering innovative toys designed for reusability.

Other Bird Supplies to Keep On Hand

While bird seed is formulated to deliver essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it should not comprise more than 50 percent of the diet of any bird. Thus, you'll also need a supply of foods that can be used to make up the other half of what your pet eats.

There are five different pet bird dietary classifications: florivore, granivore, frugivore, omnivore and nectarivore. The supplementary bird supplies and bird products you buy will depend on which category your pet falls into:

  • Florivores eat roots, berries, bark, fruits and nuts in addition to seeds. Parrots are the most common example of a florivore.
  • Granivores need grains as well as seed-based foods; parakeets and cockatiels are examples of the granivore class.
  • Frugivores get most of their dietary supplementation from flowers and fruits, though they eat some nuts as well. Macaw parrots are the most popular captive frugivore bird breed.
  • Omnivores eat just about anything; they'll feed on worms, insects, fruits and vegetables as well as bird seed. Cockatoos are omnivorous domesticated birds.
  • Finally, nectarivores need nectars and pollens in their diets, though they will also eat insects; the lorikeet is a common domesticated example.

Talk to an avian vet or nutrition expert to find out which specific products you'll need to supplement your pet's seed diet properly. If your pet is very young or very old, be sure to mention this as there may be additional considerations to make, depending on your bird's health.